About Us

Where there's a will, and caffeine, there's a way.

Our Head Roaster, Chris Mahoney-Pick, with a background in biotech and a love for all things coffee shares how Stay Awhile came to be...

There are few things better than a good cup of coffee.  I love coffee so much it was the topic of one the readings at my wedding ceremony. I love coffee so much that I began dreaming of the day when I could make it my livelihood. With the launch of Stay Awhile Coffee, that day has come. 

In December 2019, fed up with corporate America I left my job in the pharmaceutical industry to explore a career path that could keep me fulfilled, and balance my time spent with my wife and kids with hopefully a job I felt passionate about and energized by.

I also wanted to ensure that whatever I did next combined my love for my family - my wife Lauren and kids Wes and Mays - and the love for the values and comfort of our adopted hometown of Northbridge, Massachusetts. I wanted my job to feel like my home. I wouldn't have it any other way.

You know the punchline here. COVID.

As we all did, the months after my departure from the daily grind (pun intended) were spent homeschooling our kids, managing our lives in the tiniest bubble we could manage while trying to stay sane and healthy. Thankfully as we moved into 2021 and 2022, life began to return to some sense of normalcy.

In March of 2022 I flew to San Francisco for an intensive advanced coffee roaster program with Boot Coffee Campus, one of the leading schools in the country on the topic. There I married my passion for coffee with my skillset in chemistry, and emerged ready to take on the opening of an online coffee business. Only one thing remained, I needed a roaster.

Again, you already know this story. Supply Chain.

What should have been a few weeks wait dragged into months of waiting for the custom build of my Yoshan Coffee Roaster, delayed in both production and delivery, taking over 8 months to finally make its way to its destination, right here in Northbridge, Massachusetts. 

What has been in the works for years is now officially a reality. We launched Stay Awhile Coffee in March of 2023 and are thrilled to provide a quality, down to earth product that is designed to bring you back to exactly where you belong with every sip. So please, enjoy a cup, stay awhile.